Journal Writing Guidelines

Journal Writing Guidelines


While there are no rules when it comes to writing in your journal, there are a few guidelines I will suggest:


*Choose a journal and writing implement that speaks to you. This may be a plain old spiral notebook, a fancy leather-bound book, or something in between.  Some people are inspired by the idea of writing in a carefully chosen, beautiful journal.  Others feel pressured by the idea of writing just anything in such a special book and it ends up keeping them from writing anything at all.  Write in something that makes you want to write.  Choose a pen that flows nicely and is comfortable. 


*Date each entry.


*Choose a comfortable spot to write.  I rarely write at my desk when I’m journaling. You will usually find me curled up in the corner of the couch under a blanket, pen in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other.  Journaling is self-care.  Let it feel that way.


*Don’t take your writing too seriously…we are not publishing anything here.  We are using writing as a tool to greater self-knowledge, guidance and creativity, not writing the world’s next great novel.


*Be willing to tell the truth.  Know that you don’t have to act on anything right now.  It is simply comforting to have a safe and secure place where you can be honest with yourself in a kind and compassionate way.


*Protect your privacy….find a spot for your journal where you know that it is safe.  This will also help you feel like you can be honest in your writing.  This writing is for you and only you unless you choose to share it with someone.


Kristi Bissell